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Our concept

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Taking advice from a lawyer remains a step that too many citizens are still reluctant to take. 

This fear can certainly be explained in part by the image that the profession has with the general public. 

Often considered as inaccessible, the lawyer suffers from a bad reputation mainly due to the condescending attitude of some. 

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that the financial aspect of the lawyer's intervention constitutes a significant obstacle for many litigants. 

Although understandable, this attitude is nonetheless detrimental to anyone who is ever confronted with the world of justice. 

Practice has taught us that many situations could have been avoided or at least anticipated in order to control the consequences if one had taken the trouble to obtain prior information from a professional. 

According to the now well-known adage: "A lawyer is someone you should see beforehand to avoid problems afterwards". 

He is the one who guides you by helping you to make the right decisions. 

He is also the one who reaches out to you when you are in difficulty and who will suggest the best solution to the problem you are facing. 

Don't hesitate to seek professional advice, come and see us. 

To help you take the plunge, we offer you the FIRST CONSULTATION which will remain TOTALLY FREE (only valid for appointments made online). 

Our law firm deals with all matters of civil and commercial law. 

Thus, we are familiar with matters as diverse as leases (residential, commercial, etc.), commercial or consumer sales (problems of conformity, warranty, hidden defects, etc.), construction contracts (warranty for hidden defects, ten-year warranty, etc.) or service contracts (notary, accountant, lawyer, bailiff, banker, garage owner, carrier, etc.), consumer credit, and the law of the land. ), consumer credit, divorce (alimony, liquidation of the matrimonial regime, accommodation of children,...), separation problems within the framework of a cohabitation, joint ownership exits, neighbourhood conflicts, easements, administration of goods and/or of the person (placing under judicial protection),... 

We also specialise in insurance law and tort law. 

Therefore, we are regularly called upon to intervene on behalf of victims as well as to defend the interests of the party whose liability is being sought. 

The field of liability is vast and is of interest to each of us through the actions we take on a daily basis in both our private and professional lives. 

Fault is a source of various responsibilities. 

This can be personal but also result from the act of others (e.g. liability of parents, teachers and principals for the fault of children, pupils or employees for whom they are responsible), from the act of an animal, from a thing in one's care or even from a thing one owns (ruined building). 

Liability may also arise in the absence of any fault (e.g. liability for defective products, for damage caused to the marine environment, damage caused to third parties by a fire or explosion in an establishment accessible to the public, etc.). 

Finally, in some cases, the mere occurrence of an accident is sufficient to give rise to compensation (e.g.: accident at work, traffic accident involving a weak user, medical accident).